Project Description
A Free Open Source Help Desk / Support Desk / Ticket Tracker Module

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  • Available as a Standard ASP.NET Application and as a DotNetNuke Module
  • Unlimited Tickets / Users / Assignment groups / Portals
  • Full source code provided
  • Localizable (you can display it using different languages)
  • Tickets
    • Allows tickets to be created by users with accounts and users without accounts
    • Allows tickets to be created by Administrators for users with accounts and users without accounts.
    • Users without accounts can track their tickets and add comments using a password appended to the url link in the email sent to them
    • Each comment allows individual file attachment
    • Assigned users and Administrators can enter work hours
    • Allows Administrator to turn off the ability to upload file attachments for anonymous users and non administrators
  • Tags
    • Unlimited Tags can be created with unlimited "nesting".
    • Tags can be reordered without losing their relationship to existing tickets
    • Tags can be set to Administrator visibility only
  • Ticket assignment and routing
    • Tickets are assigned to a group that can contain one or more users
    • Tickets can be filtered and sorted by Status, Priority, Due Date, Created Date, Group Assignment, Description, and Requester
    • Search allows search by ticket or any text field
    • Search allows filtering by Tags including "this tag and that tag"


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